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We are manufacturer and exporter of Continuously variable Auto Transformers , Toroidal Transformers which are made in wide ranges.
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Auto Transformer (Variac / Dimmer)


  • Rated for 240V A.C. 50/60Hz. single phase supply and three phase model for 415V A.C. 50/60Hz three phase 4 wire supply.
  • The output voltage of these Toroidal or variable transformer can be varied smoothly over two ranges:
    • Zero to full supply voltage
    • Zero to approx. 12% higher than the supply voltage
  • These auto transformers or dimmers are Suitable for indoor use on maximum ambient temperature of 45oC.
  • Variable Auto Transformers are rated 240 volts Input and 0-270Volts output. Similarly, three 240-volt units are ganged in a star connection to result in a 470-volt line-to-line three-phase assembly. For 480-volt open delta applications, two 240-volt units are used in series in each of the two legs of the open delta assembly. In any of the above voltage applications, higher current requirements are met by paralleling two or more units in the ganged assembly.
  • Variable Auto Transformer (Variacs)

Supply voltage adjustment, boosting of low lines and line voltage stabilization, either manually or automatically in automatic voltage stabilizers. Voltage and current control in development and experimental work.

  • Over and under voltage testing of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Heat control of ovens, furnaces, infra-red heaters etc…
  • Testing and calibration of voltmeters, ammeters, watt meters etc…
  • Built in as an integral control element in electrical, electronic and automatic control and process equipment.
  • Lighting control in theatres, auditoriums, hotels.
  • Restaurants, photographic studios and darkrooms etc...
  • Motor speed control either direct or through suitable circuits.
  • Control of DC voltage and current through rectifiers.
  • Control of rectifiers in electroplating etc

Rating Available: 2 Amp to 1800 Amp
Air / Oil Cooled and Single / Three Phase
(Special ranges also available on request
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